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This saying is originally from a rather obscure meme that includes Max and Ruby. At the end of the comic, Max exclaims "BEEP BEEP LETTUCE" in response to a question Ruby asks.

Essentially, Beep beep lettuce can be used as an interjection whenever one feels it's appropriate or just want to mess around with whoever they are with.
Person 1: Just grab me the Ragu from the stock room, ok Jimmy?


Person 1: ...
by serialspongedesecrator September 15, 2017
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Sounds like the japanese phrase "ビープビープレタス" which is pronounced be-pube-puretasu which sounds like beep beep lettuce. It means "your eyes are stars"
by Estrobe March 08, 2019
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Usually used in discord servers. When a user says "beep beep lettuce" and shares their desktop.
Beep Beep Lettuce:
(shitty windows desktop)
by Longshot534 December 23, 2017
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