A Marth player that is gay
Commonly known as Gai sensei to those known as Crum
Bead is a marth player that isn't gay but Beegs is
by SolecalibureBBoy July 20, 2009
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(Scottish Slang)

Pronounced ~ Bee-g (like league)

To be ugly or disgusting.
"Dae ye ken Jamie aye?"
"Aye hes fuckin beeg son."

"Ew she picks her nose thats so beeg."
by yermawsbaws April 08, 2014
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the hottest man to walk the planet. aka ryan beegle is dating no other than ella herself and they lover eachother dearly

did u see beegs? hes so cute i cant believe ella is dating him
by cjlover69 June 17, 2019
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Based off the name of an adult website, Beeg means essentially, big. But Beeg is more than jut big, beeg is massive, colossal, gargantuan. An absolute unit of a human being!
Wow! Look at that guy! He's like 7 feet tall! He's so Beeg!
by Jenfen11 May 28, 2019
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