Another word of "Blow Job" When a man gets his penis sucked.
Tyler's dad offered him a beeg.
by Taavi KH February 16, 2009
Based off the name of an adult website, Beeg means essentially, big. But Beeg is more than jut big, beeg is massive, colossal, gargantuan. An absolute unit of a human being!
Wow! Look at that guy! He's like 7 feet tall! He's so Beeg!
by Jenfen11 May 28, 2019
(Scottish Slang)

Pronounced ~ Bee-g (like league)

To be ugly or disgusting.
"Dae ye ken Jamie aye?"
"Aye hes fuckin beeg son."

"Ew she picks her nose thats so beeg."
by yermawsbaws April 8, 2014
A cool handsome man that gets heaps of lady’s
Your such a Beeg Steven
by Brayden_awesome August 13, 2020
Any and all communicable diseases that can only be contracted in the 43402. Ebola, gonorrhea, herpes, herpes simplex (there's a lot of that), common cold, bronchitis, crabs, mononucleosis etc. If you've got the beeg, you've got it all.
Bro, my whole body hurts, I think I'm getting sick. Sounds like you've got the beeg bro!
by thebeeg43402 November 11, 2014
a beege is another name for nerd or geek or just a light insult to a friend
my class is full of proper beeges.
Stop messing around and get the beers in you beege.
by conzi of the power September 9, 2005