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Commonly misinterpreted as a spelling mistake of the word "Beautiful", this completely intentional play on words, does in fact describe the act of sex with a beautiful woman.

This originated in Bolton, UK. Where sex with a girl who is considered 7/10 or above is a complete rarity, hence the need for a word to describe this incredibly scarce moment.

It can only be likened to seeing a live pangolin in the wild.
"Jack, what did you get up to after the club?"

"I copped a Beautifuk"

*celebrations commence*
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by SpecialFriedGrundy February 26, 2018
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a perfect blend of lust and love.

beautifuk is a state of a relationship where you can't get enough of one another in all and every form... mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, sexual and conversational.

not only is the sex great but you understand each other and make each other laugh. you communicate well with one another, in and out of the bedroom! so whether you are screwing like teenage nymphs on the stairs or baring your vulnerable souls over toast, you are in a state of - beautifuk.

also a beautiful girl/boy that you just want to f*ck all the time and you are also in love with, a very rare occasion indeed.
GUNNER: hey that girl raven is so amazingly sexy and smart, i'd love to get to know her better and have lots of mind blowing sex with her, she is so beautifuk.
by mary F. poppins February 03, 2010
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A concept that unites the words "beauty" and "fuck". It's used to symbolize a person who is still beautiful despite challenging traditional beauty, as if saying "fuck (the standardised concepts of) beauty!".
Lee: Dang, that big girl is smokin'!
Ariane: You're right, she's BEAuTIFUK.
by ViaD'Agem September 06, 2017
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Used to define a beautiful day for sportbike riding. Coined by a school teacher in the Western North Carolina area when he accidently made a typo in a post on a sportbike forum.
"Beautifuk day here in the mountains, Ned". "Yes it is JM, very beautifukingly perfect weather we are having".
by Ryan-RpR November 11, 2006
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sometimes spelt "Beautifuck"
noun, verb, adjective.
informal compliment to a person. so beautiful, you want to fuck them.
by Tom and Liz.. :/ June 13, 2010
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something that is fucked up yet beatiful
John: I think I am in love with goatse
Tyler:awww, that's beautifuk
by Geek Me 'Till It MHz April 12, 2005
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