To Beat Beat is used as an expression of ejaculating or Skeeting , To make the trouser snake sneeze on or spit on an object or objects , it can also be used as an alternative to saying something out of excitement such as Yes! or Alright!
Oh Shit I just passed my Biology Exam BEAT BEAT!!!, Get outta my face bitch before I Beat Beat in your eye, Dude look at her rack Beat Beat!
by Zack Herrell May 2, 2006
When a Guido pounds the floor rhythmically to the beat of the music to let out all of their Guido juiced up rage and excitement. Recently familiarized by the new hit show Jersey Shore.
"Bro lets beat the beat"
"Way to beat the beat bro"
by Davnia Nelffo February 2, 2010
To have sex with someone ("beat it up" or just "beat it") and then get the hell out as quickly as possible ("beat it", like the Michael Jackson song). A close synonym of "hit it and quit it".
Kenny: "So, Lenny, Jenny says you were pretty lame in the sack last night."
Lenny: "Bullshit, motherfucker. I had that bitch screaming like a banshee. But the second we were done I grabbed my clothes and booked it for the door."
Kenny: "Ah, the old beat it and beat it move."
Lenny: "Yeah, they really don't like that too much. I never understood why."
Kenny: "Bitches, man. Bitches."
by Nick D October 15, 2003
to fist pump, starting out by drum-rolling on the floor, working your way up to full on creeped out fist-pumping in a Jersey Shore club or bar with all your guido and guidette pals. Can only be done to house music while in a trashy outfit for girls, Ed Hardy clothing for guys, complete with a fake tan, and in girls' case, a Snooki-esque pouf or blonde and black extensions like JWoww's. Can be taken to the next level by fist-pumping while switching your legs back and forth to the beat.
DJ Pauly D: We just had to beat up that beat, man.

Ronnie: Dude, we really beat up that beat last night at Karma!!!

Vinny: After I get a few drinks in me, the real Vinny comes out to play! I effin' beat up that beat like none other!
by Stage Soprano February 6, 2010
Its a term used when you and your friends, male or female, check out the opposite sex around you.
If you would fuck that person, you say out loud, beat.
if you wouldnt, you say still beat.
its very confusing and makes people uncertain of its meaning.
thats why its so convenient if you know the meaning,.
Vicky: what about luis? Beat or still beat?
Mel: BEAT! fasho fashoo.
Vicky: hell yeah! all day!
Mel: And Danny?
Vicky: Still beat! not even on a good day ! *makes a face*
by vickyyydawwg February 14, 2009