One who enjoys the romantic company of animals, specifically dogs. It is common for a Beasty Boy to date a dog groomer in order to have endless access to dogs. Beasty Boys can Be found frequenting dog parks or high traffic dog walker areas.
Did you hear that Scott open mouth kissed his dog? He is such a Beasty Boy.
by SirSpenkzAlot May 26, 2020
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Three nice Jewish boys from New York that have WAY more talent than D12, the G Unit and that fat hack Missy Elliot COMBINED. Turn your Yankees hat sideways, hit the chronic, turn bass to max, listen to track 12 on To The 5 Boroughs then get back to me.
I use to party with the Beastie Boys (and your mom) back when they were called The Young Aborigines.
by PCGator July 14, 2004
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The Beastie Boys are an talented respected white hip-hop music group from New York City. The members are Mike D, MCA, and ADrock. The group has a rap/rock genre and have made it sucessful in both but especially the rap side of their careers. the debut album 'Licensed To Ill' reached number one in the charts in the u.s.a.Other Classic Hip Hop
Groups( Simular to the beastie boys)Run DMC 3rd Bass Public Enemy
by gravesy November 30, 2005
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When someone asks about the Beastie Boys music all you can say is "Ch-Check it Out!"
Marcus: 50 cent is the best rapper out there!

Chris: Oh yeah sure...all he can do is rhyme with gun, gat, and phat. The Beastie Boys now those are some good rappers.

Marcus: OH! You mean those 3 jewish cats from NYC.

Chris: Yeah. How can you beat rhymes like, "I went to get a loan and they asked my race, so i wrote human inside the space."
by Christopher Ess February 19, 2006
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Lala, you totally Beastie Boyed that relationship before it even started.
by lalagirl January 18, 2006
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A caucasian male, who is of the Jewish religion, does not act as if he is of african descent, is in no way attempting to be associated with blacks, and IS from the "hood".
1. Any member of the Beastie Boys.
by sdakofsduj July 29, 2006
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