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Someone who carries anothers burdens, insecurities, or issues. This comes from the term for an animal used to transport goods or conduct hard labor such as an ox.

A beast of burden is not an ugly person or someone who causes burden as it has been incorrectly define before.
I swear he deals with all her problems. He’s just her beast of burden.
by Kuamonie January 06, 2018
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beast of burden... best ballad by the stones...

despite other belief(that crappy definition above or below it) a beast of burden is someone who hangs around and screws everything up for their courter..(bf/gf)

someone who really messes everything up

a magic the gathering card that stats ar e phenominal
"ill never be your beast of burden, my back is broad but its a hurtin, all i want you to do is make love to me"
by Esteban January 01, 2005
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1. Title of popular Rolling Stones track

2. Overweight and gruesome female that has not been blessed in the physical appearance department
1. "I'll never be your beast of burden..."

2. "Agghh, that is rank, she is well nasty, she is a beast of burden. I wouldn't touch her with your d*ck"
by MIB October 18, 2004
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adj. A person so ugly that they are no longer human, but resemble a labor animal
Fong: What would you give that girl?
Fong: Yea, she's a Beast of Burden
by Cyanm June 05, 2011
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