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When a man has a va-jay-jay. Or is just so camp he may as well play for the other team, often has to be careful what photos go on facebook, however under the influence has no control over his sexual desires and pounces on his male friends in various forms of disguise and clever drunken tactics.

Such as 'play fighting', 'play wrestling', 'gay chicken', 'football tackles', 'pile ons'

Dude is desperate for man on man contact and can often be seen with a pink drink and of course a beard to try and pull back a bit of macho man madness. May have an token interest in some sort of 'man' sport, quite often straight much to the surprise of everyone else.
β€Ž*Blonde woman plays piΓ±ata with a bearded bitch*

Alex Buckenham

Bruce Forsyth
by AbzzMaxx June 21, 2011
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teenage girls (usually asian) who have massive side burns (all the way from yokel county y'all!!!!) fine examples of these facial haired foxes are megan setchell, tanya killamanjazro (or whatever the hell her 2nd name is) and there is one special example who's beard isnt on her face, oh no my chums, it is in fact between her arse cheeks, the hairy arsed cow. DANIELLE MELLON THATS YOU.
''hey bra', check out those bearded bitches over there.......more hair than my russian unlcles armpit.''
by eve and phil the geniuses June 04, 2004
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