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a vehicle driven by many beaners such as chevy astro vans and old GMC conversion wagons.
by Hardcore Fob March 31, 2007
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a small car (honda) with a really loud muffler, shitty paint and sound system fit for a 2008 denali
"whats that.....dude i can hear that fuckin beanermobile from here"
by dude42 October 12, 2008
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A large van drove by beaners used to transport imigrants over the boarder.
Donald:Did you see Edquardo?
Ralph: Yea he was driving that blue beaner mobile
by palo April 28, 2007
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A vehicle that closely resembles a "low-rider" though not requiring the vehicle to be capable of bouncing. This generally includes having rims, a custom paint-job or body, expensive sound system, body kit, a last name such as "LOPEZ" across the back window, the body having been lowered close to the pavement or other traditional trinkets such as Saints.

The best test for whether or not the vehicle in question is a "beaner-mobile" is if you subconsciously assume the driver of the vehicle will be "Mexican."

Synonym: Mexican-mobile.
Man that low Chevy that's blasting the bass is such a beaner mobile. Probably has a bunch of Mexicans in it.
by Nottelling SuckaFeesh December 08, 2010
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