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(Bean Smacked) adjective. An Individual that abuses illegal substances.
Andy did you see that Bean Cat over there?" "Holy Shit he is totally Bean Smacked!
by Scotengus June 15, 2010
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one who sits at bus stops eating beans in the raw while having whiskers and a black nose drawn on her because she believes she is indeed a feline. If you so dare make fun of her she WILL turn into a raging tiger and eat one of your limbs. One unfortunate young man ended up with a rod through his head, yes, he is still alive, but lives a cave in far off land called Aveyron and rocks helplessly back and forth...back and forth. Watch out for beancats, they're fierce, dangerous, and yet ever so cuddly. The only beancat repellents worth trying are: takenuts, had cream, and soup worms. If you don't know what these are, you're down. Beancats are only found on 7 continents so they're pretty rare, but if you happen to hear their blood-curdling prrrrr.....RUNAWAY!!!
boy: hey cutie can i sit by you while i wait for the bus?
beancat: prrrr.....
boy: why do you have whiskers drawn on your face....wait minute...girl at bus stop, with whiskers, eating raw beans...holy shit you're a BEANCAT!! RUNAWAY!!!
beancat: ROAR!
boy:(throwing takenuts and soup worms at her) AHHH my arm!!
beancat: (gets hit with a takenut and collapses) meow.
boy: stupid beancat.
by Tandy Torn Jan October 24, 2007
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