A variation of the term "Get Good."
Guy 1: Dude I just died in Minecraft because of the shittiest reason. I-

Guy 2: Be Better.

Guy 1: Why do I hang out with you.
by Nephilis Thylord February 10, 2021
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better than better. Often used when trying to trump someones belief that one thing is better than another.
Dave: Google is better. Sally: Yahoo is betterer.
by CakeEater1Million July 23, 2008
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1. When you want to stress the need for vast improvement.

2. When you wish to convey that someone's future state needs plenty of work.
Damit Skyler, how do you botch an simple introductory email? Be BETTERER!
by King of the Moment December 12, 2018
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to increase the good qualities of; make better; improve + excellent; great; marvelous.
Simple acts to make the world a betterful place.
by "See you in another life" March 26, 2010
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Taking something to the next level. Better than 'ace' but not as good as 'bettererer'
Gail: Hey Scott, Corby is ace!
Scott: No Gail, I think you'll find that Corby is even betterer!
by Dunney Boy February 14, 2016
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The process of making something better. Can be used in multiple tenses
1. i betterized my love life by actually wearing deodorant

2. bro: my car is to slow.

Me: why don't you betterize it with a turbo?
by timmay!! June 01, 2014
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to make improve
for the BETTERMENT of the team , we stayed after doing laps
by aye roll December 27, 2010
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