Bawler, Player, Pimp, Willy
Someone with money or status in the neighbourhood, a player or bawler. Who has allot of girls around.
by Bas December 18, 2004
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1. A word to define idiots who can't spell "Baller"

2. A person with money or status who are unsatisfied with those things, and constantly complain about their awesome life
(2) BAWLER: Man, I crashed my Lamborghini Gallardo into another bus full of super-model cheerleaders, then, cause they knew who I was, they proceeded to gang-rape me and dragged me to an awesome party hosted by Diddy, where I got to meet Snoop Dogg, who smoked me out with a weed who's name I can't even pronounce, Eminem was there and gave me the rest of the shrooms he was getting rid of, then I ran into Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga, who proceeded to pull me into a threesome, video tape it, and sign a release giving me all ownership rights to the video, and now tomorrow, I gotta go shoot a video with them, cause they like my voice... I'm exhausted!

My life sucks.


by Absnt_Mindd_Profsr July 7, 2010
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a guy who poular with the ladies and his peeps
why can't i find myself a real man, a bawler?
by ???????????hannah October 4, 2005
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A parson, especially a missionary sent by a wealthy congregation into an impoverished neighborhood to "uplift" or Save the population without feeding them first.
I had to listen to that Autumn Bawler for two hours before dey fed me.
by Bob Prochko September 21, 2005
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Reference to a cow or heifer making a load noise. Young female who complains or cries a lot.
That Bawler won't shut the **** up!

Even them cows don't make as much noise as those Bawlers.
by Rodeo7 October 2, 2022
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