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To get completely intoxicated to the point where you believe you are a real life character from Star Wars. The name coming from the awesome game Star Wars Battlefront and its sequel.
Lad #1:"Josh sure is drinking a lot tonight"
Lad #2:"I know I think he's totally battlefronted"
Josh:"Wahoo! I'm Jedi Master Pooperscooper and I'll smite you down Darth Lampost"
by Greasy Boots December 29, 2011
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Any case in which you are stopped, blocked or othewise halted, and forced to view commercial content or purchase more services before enjoying something you already paid for.
Damn, I thought my airfare included check luggage, but they done Battlefronted my ass at the check in desk and took another $25.
by Rabbarousa April 20, 2018
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