Originating from East Oakland in the 90s. Meaning you are chilling very steadily; most likely at your house - or anywhere where you are solo. Posted up like a lamp.
Austin: Hey cuddy, what are you up to?
Cam: Nothin at all - just lampostin gat the spot .

Cam: Im finna be lamposting all day and watch the Sopranos.
Dylan: Thats dope bruh - hit me up tomorrow.
by c.harris July 15, 2017
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The act of getting stuck between a lamppost and another nearby surface e.g a fence, wall or hedge.
I was walking home drunk last night and I tried to be clever but I ended up getting lamposted.
by Kubadude September 5, 2016
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a lady that believes she is a lamppost. she has wanted to be one forever and can finally be one
omg have you seen her. she’s the lampost lady!
by WillowCrystal April 22, 2022
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A guy hu wears hats and lives in s/bridge. he likes eying up the local lamposts
I am N***** and i am a lampost wanka
by maddy October 5, 2004
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Putting Reeses peanut butter on your hands, and slapping an individual a hi-five (or low five!) that posesses peanut allergies. After this, tell them you are going to call the hospital, but don't
College Guy 1: Yo i had this really gay roomate last semester, but i managed to get a new one
College Dude 4: Really how'd you manage to Pull that off
College Guy 1: i gave that faggot a dirty lampost and now hes dead
College Dude 4: Nice, you rule almost as much as Project Pat
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