n. The number of times a male has ejaculated by the actions of another person over the number of times he has masterbated.

Sexual actions/Masterbation= Batting Average

The higher the number the better; the lower the more the person needs to get out of his parents computer and actually meet some females.
1: Dude, I got a blowjob from Ashley last night!
2: Nice, your batting average is getting better every day you see that chick.
1: I know man, Im having a great season. Im really getting a hit almost every time Im up to bat.
2: Im jealous. My batting average is getting worse and worse since I signed up for that new porn site.
by Designated Hitter April 16, 2009
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A baseball player who routinely hits for a high batting average but has limited power and patience, thus his OBP and SLG rates would more commonly be attached to batting averages significantly lower than his.

A lack of speed is part of this as well, but since stolen bases are not counted as part of SLG or any other stat other than stolen bases, said players that steal a lot would appear to have empty averages at first glance.
Despite winning the 2006 batting title, Freddy Sanchez walked just 31 times and hit only 11 home runs. His OPS that year was just .851. He also only stole 3 bases. He is the empty batting average poster man.

Juan Pierre's career .710 OPS with a .297 batting average would put him up here, but it wouldn't be as glaringly obvious if his stolen bases were accounted for.
by Downvoting Victim August 26, 2011
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When a male picks up a female substantially more attractive than all his previous efforts in women.

(Derived from the English gentleman’s sport of Cricket)
Terrance: Did you see Ugly Bob’s lady friend?!

Phillip: I did! He’s batting above his average for sure!

Terrance: Pull my finger Terrance!
by Cen Bousins February 26, 2009
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Look at her batting above her average. That Josh sure is cute and nicer then the other others shes dated. To date someone better.
Wow she sure is batting above her average. Josh is a heaps better pick compared to her previous boyfriends.
by Batting above her average December 12, 2022
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An inside joke used by the Jackbox Games fandom to refer to a moment in YDKJ volume 4 where Guy proclaims that batting averages and Tony Guin make him ejaculate.
Jackbox fandom member: “Batting averages.”
*The entire fandom explodes*
by cupcakedestroyer August 30, 2022
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