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to Baste: the act or practice basting. One must awaken his lady from a deep sleep by ejaculating in, on, or around her eyes. When she has sleepily opened her eyes, you proceed to yell (at the top of your lungs) "BASTED BITCH!!!" At which point you slap her across the face. Job well done.
Example 1: Your lady has refused to perform any form of sexual act, and it's time she learned her lesson; baste the shit out of her.

Example 2: Man, last night was awesome, I totally got back at my lady by basting her out of a deep sleep.
by BAM AMM February 18, 2008
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To artificially inseminate (as with a turkey baster).
"Wow! Did you hear about that chick who got basted by Clay Aiken?"
by K. Gill June 09, 2008
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Any situation in which a person recieves an item that they didn't want, but are forced to deal with. There are several varieties.
It originated from members of SWBGS dropping expensive and/or unwanted items onto unsuspecting victims shopping at supermarket checkouts.
ATM basting: When someone is withdrawing cash from an ATM, pressing the £200 button.

Supermarket basting: When someone leaves an inappropriate item on someones shopping at a supermarket checkout.

Eg, "You wanna baste that guy with these scottish biscuits?"
by Brincy December 09, 2005
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A method of getting high by filling a turkey baster with methamphetamine and water. The solution is then injected into the user's anus. This works along the lines of how a suppository works, and most methamphetamine users will not recommend it.
Tony got basted and jumped out a window.
by Radix October 12, 2005
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Similar to 'Fry'

To completely and utterly humiliate someone by insulting them.
Guy 1- (insert insult here about Guy 2 and his mom)

Guy 2- *shakes his head* Whatever dude

Guy 3- Ooo boy,.. BASTE! Fo real doe, he just basted the mess outta ya!
by mhm-ya September 29, 2011
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