1. Cienna is a red Australian wine grape variety first bred in 2000. It is a mix between the Spanish wine grape Sumoll and Cabernet Sauvignon grape. (vgl. Wikipedia)
2. sienna a color frequently used for crayons or the name of the hottiest hottie in all of hottiedom.
3. Somebody who is obnoxious, has more sass than any living diva and still it's impossible to hate this person. She's truly a special woman and it takes some time and effort to endure her, but after each day you get to know this woman you like her more and more and realise you never want to leave her alone. Her pure heart astonishes you everyday and the strong and stable personality will make everyday overwhelming and full of joy.

When your life is struggling and you are about to give up, THIS woman will build you up and have you carry on.
When the days seem long and lifeless, THIS woman will be there to give them a sense and joy.

Her never ending faith in other people will make world a better place, full of hope, love and peace.

Even though she can be stubborn, annyoing and make you go crazy sometimes, you are bound to like her. She will always be there for you through thick and thin no matter what. No problem will ever be to small, she will in every case listen carefully and help you out to achieve anything. A woman like this will always be there and will make you have fun day for day. You will never want to leave her again, and if you have to, you will ALWAYS miss her. (maybe)
Cienna is great - you don't believe me? - "Cienna!!!"

She might not believe, but people all over the world miss her.

The first day you may not like Cienna, the secound day you start to realise something, the third day you like her, the fourth day you are lost loving Cienna.
by IMissYou.Maybe November 4, 2014
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Cienna is a beautiful girl who has a big ass and is very happy all the time even I’m jealous of her
Do you know Cienna she’s so pretty
by Hahshhdhdjdjd July 13, 2021
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She likes to go to water parks and have fun in the sun. ☀️ Cienna is pretty cool and part of a bunch that eats lunch.
Cienna is chilll bro!!!😎
by AndrewsMan June 15, 2021
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She's a bitch, she will kick your ass if you mess with her and her friends. If you mess with her, you've got to deal with her family. She can also be really sweet to you if your on her good side. She is also known as marmite, you rather love her or you hate her. What you got from this,

Don't mess with a Cienna unless you are looking to die.
"Cienna you are a bitch - oh shit!!! "
by Unknown_Fire123 November 12, 2020
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by Mr. Worldwide September 6, 2021
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Chase’s kinky ‘friend’, who is definitely a lesbian.
by YourHusbandChase November 3, 2019
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A kinky lesbianfriend’ who likes onions
Cienna is ‘our’ kinky friend.
by User6942069 November 5, 2019
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