The greatest book of all time. The only piece of printed media you will ever need to read.
We should start a religion and make Bart Simpson's Guide to Life our holy book.
by centaur_star October 20, 2009
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Another name for a dab pen or “cart”. Usually used when there are people around that shouldn’t know that you are getting high. Most of the time the user just says “Bart” or “Simpson”.
Josh: “Bro can I hit the Bart Simpson
Me: “hold on I’m chillin right now I’ll give it to you in a minute
by TheFuck69 February 15, 2021
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a yellow thing that is very sad and emotional all the time.
timothy went and done a bart simpson through out the day
by EMOGIRL3 May 12, 2022
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You start by spiking you pubes with hot sauce and the girl licks the hot sauce of while eating the pubes
Hey cal the dragon I just Bart Simpson’s your own fookin brother
by God wooozer August 18, 2021
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To choke someone like Homer Simpson did to his son Bart Simpson in the early episodes
That bitch has me so mad I'm about to Bart Simpson her ass!!!
by The Trappedout Jesus May 27, 2022
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When u rip your cart (Bart) until your absolutely fried aka turning into Bart Simpson
Brooooo I’m fuckin Bart Simpson right now
by Daddy whore November 28, 2022
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