to ride a skateboard up to an object crossing your path, like a raised chain, then jump above the chain, with the board rolling underneath, finally landing back on top of the board and continuing your course.
i learned to one footed bart simpson
by viciousk February 1, 2008
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bart simpson is a state of mind. some of the characteristics of someone with this state of mind are: school-hating, badly behaved, lots of attitude and a pot head
isabel is literally the embodiment of bart simpson
by shitttzngigglez March 16, 2020
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When the male partner ejaculates into the condom, holds it between the fingers as a slingshot, and then slings the load into their partners face.
Last night I was doing val doggy style when I Bart Simpsoned the back of her head. She didn't know what hit her!
by Pazman October 6, 2017
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As you ride a skateboard, you spank the ass of a random woman so hard it is as if it was sprayed with red graffiti, all while screaming "Cowabunga!"
Dude, I gave her The Bart Simpson so hard yesterday!" "Fosho?" "Fosho!"
by The Hot Tub Murderer June 22, 2011
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bart simpson edits are the profile picture of most fake depressed 11-12 year olds. usually a song by x in the back if it is a video edit.
dad: hey son! what’s the meaning of your profile picture? it’s a bart simpson edit!
son: nothing
*dad walks away*
dad: hey bro, what’s the meaning of my sons profile picture?
bro: does he play fortnite?
dad: yeah, he’s never off the game!
bro: oh... he’s a “depressed” little guy who makes fortnite dancing tiktoks and craves attention.
dad: ah... well that explains a lot
by textinglikeevie October 29, 2019
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Children of neglectful parents often view any attention as good attention. They may do bad things like knock over trash cans in front of adults to get yelled at. The same people grow up to spew hateful and ignorant crap on the internet for the same reason. They have little to no friends and reading angry responses to their posts is the highlight of their day. Don't hate these pitiful bastards, feel sorry for them.
Steve: "Did you see the comment that guy wrote on youtube? What's his problem?"

Ron: "He's got Bart Simpson syndrome."
by xXJesterPsychoticXx August 23, 2010
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They think depression is an aesthetic and prove it with sad bart Simpson edits and have a playlist named "Sad boi Hours :(" that's 12 hours long
"Hey guys I thought i would tell u i'm depressed... *Starts crying to Billie eilish*

"What is up with these bart Simpson depressed kids y'all cringe"
by s1ml0g1c July 20, 2021
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