Getting excessively drunk, so much so that you must be carried home in a wheel-barrow.
How's your hangover? You were barrowed last night!
by Matcamcol January 09, 2011
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A person who loves the sound of their own voice and won't stop talking. They tell long life stories and usually procrastinate.
Hey, did you see Mr. Dean?

Yeah, he's such a Barrow.
by The musician February 19, 2017
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to be barrowed: to be royally fucked in the ass by torchwood and doctor who star, john barrowman.
i would love to be barrowed by the barrowman.
by barrowman1 June 02, 2011
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Hey man, did you go see the premiere of Barrow last night? I heard it has Brad Pitt and the guy from across the street!
by Amandan26 May 02, 2011
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Joining friends for drinks at the bar with the intention of them paying the the bill.
1. Jim is always barrowing beer right before payday.

2. Some bitches always be barrowing but they never come home with me.
by Jedi Joda June 14, 2014
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