The act of asking a younger lady to flip that ass bitch and let you see what she's got...?

Brian Pepper: Do a barrel roll!
Haley: What is a barrel roll?
Brian Pepper: Copy Paste?
Haley: Shut the hell up!
Brian Pepper: Get off my momma!
Ms. Catron: DO a barrel ROll!!!
Haley: I still dont know what a barrel roll is?
Ms. Catron: I owe you...
Mr. Sumpter: YOu look like you could use a barrel roll!
Brian Pepper: Do a barrel Roll!

by michael cantu (not really) February 12, 2006
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The turning of the nose aka "Magic Cat" of the plane so as to do a full foward roll but not to spin around and look stupid like in a Aileron Roll and not to crash into physics laws like in a Air Cartwheel
Bob:Hey did you see me to a BARREL ROLL!!!!"
Sam:No that was a bad Aileron Roll"
Bob:But the Magic Cat of the plane was INSANE"
Sam:Still a Aileron Roll "
by Stokov April 11, 2011
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