A cure all for every disease known to man, a rid of evil spirits and diseases, usually achieved by alchemic means.
The Philosopher's Stone is rumored to be able to create a panacea.
by The_Heartbreak_Kid January 9, 2006
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White town in near Tallahassee, Florida, the armpit of the world. 6000 inhabitants, 6 employment opportunities.
Dull: "Man, we need to get out of this shithole."
Zeeke: "Dude, how are we gonna leave Panacea without money for gas?"
by crOOk March 16, 2005
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Badass club in downtown detroit where you can have mega fun.
Whatcha doin tonight?
Let's go to panacea
by Little Grundle June 11, 2004
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Conceived in conversations about possible personal blog names in September 2002 at the early stage of now defunct startup "Text America" (2002-2006), Psychic Plague Panacea got a double take and immediate thumbs up from our consultant. The expert turned out to be far too expensive and left the next day, but the name was finally given to shawnblog.com when the site moved to tumblr.com after the startup (Text America) finally and miserably failed.

Spawning initial public awareness of the shocking and awful anti-Radiohead movement, shawnblog.com was featured on the tumblr.com home page and subsequently became popular enjoying higher technorati and Google rankings than far more influential web sites. The blog is, of course, mostly nonsense and should not be taken seriously, only very loosely representing the moments in the stream of consciousness of it's author.
Shawn Blog — The anti-Radiohead movement grows (Google search result for Psychic Plague Panacea)
by shawnblog February 21, 2010
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