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A term for a professional female barber with unique and special tonsorial gifts. A female barber with swagger and the cutting skills to go with her expertise. This term was created by "The Barber Ambassador" an advocate for the barbering industry. Against the Grain Magazine created the first publication which featured all female barbers and named the issue Barbettes.
Once entering the barbershop, it was not difficult to spot the best Barbette cutting hair.
by The Barber Ambassador November 19, 2010
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1. A platform providing support from which large guns are fired.
2. A remarkable lady who, at least since the 7th grade was one of the most kind, compassionate and sweet and attractive girl in the Putnam City School district, qualities which no doubt made her the terrific mother that she is now.
That Barbette supports the fort's main gun.
by Pierce Mathews February 03, 2010
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A small jab that's not egregious enough to call the speaker on, but still sharp enough to sting
Aunt Jean commented snidely on my blouse, but it was a barbette, so I couldn't call the old bitch on it.
by barebones July 24, 2015
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