Hang out area to get your hair cut...and talk to older men about your problems, listen to good music, and if you go to a good barber shop laugh up a storm.
Bob: Ayo man I'm going to go chill at the barber shop...I just broke up wit my girl and I'm lookin for a clean shave
by Joshua Corbin May 28, 2009
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Verb) When three or more African Amercian co-workers sit around on the clock and jaw about nothing for an extended period of time, creating a barber shop-like atmosphere.
Leon, Darnell and Kisha don't ever get a lick of work done, they just sit around and barber shop all day
by Barry Lankin April 24, 2008
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v. When a man brushes his johnson against an unwilling victim.
I once saw a guy catch a barber shop to the face at a Phish concert, full nuts.
by JonDutch November 9, 2004
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The way a female is dressed....looking good,sexy,fly,hot etc. A bad bitch/Diva
-If you were to walk into a barbershop full of men and they all are tryna holla. MISSION ACcOMpLISHED!
-If they jus look and continue doin wutever they were doin...STEP UR GAME UP!
#1 Female walks into Barber Shop to pick up her son& pay barber
Random man-Wooo sexy!.Cum here,let me tlk to ya babey!
Random Man#2-Let me pay some uh dem bills
Random man#3-Say girl...let me hollatcha!!

At the house gettin ready for the party..one of ur homegirls call askin what u wearin.
You respond.
*Giirl I'm BarberShop tonight...
...Well shit me too bitch u not bout to have me looking hulled while u fly as hell!At first I was bout to throw on some jeans & go...Hell naw now lol
by Iloveit89 April 15, 2009
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When one of two people rips the pubic hair of the downstairs region Ü
For me and fro schwiggys mom last night
by Patrick Petitt April 18, 2003
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When someone stands next to you with their balls and scrotum resting pleasantly on your shoulder with extreme precision.
When you are sitting on a bench in the city and someone stands next to you with their balls resting on your shoulder, Barber Shopped!
by xNYx VoLTaGExx July 30, 2010
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(Verb) The act of jerking off between two mirrors so as to have an infinite number of reflections of yourself to watch. Done only by the most narcissistic and self-absorbed of {assholes.
Donald Trump is known to do a bit of barber shopping while thinking of his daughter Ivanka.
by That one guy...you know? June 7, 2020
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