In furry terms, this often means paw beans, often it can refer to the very defined paw pads in fursuits/art.
"his bappers are so squishy!"
by Crudcrud October 7, 2020
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A group of bikers who also rap. They also make youtube videos and stream on twitch
I heard the Bappers were causing some drama on social media
by A Bapper supporter September 23, 2021
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Someone who caps (lies) a lot but like a lot a lot.
Bro Aiden actually is a Bapper I swear.
by Pimpschau August 23, 2022
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A Bapper is a beat boxing rapper that is able to back him or herself up while in the middle of a rap battle. This saves them from having to pay to be backed up. THIS TAKES SKILL
Yo that bapper has some sick rhymes and beats.
by Shanaenae July 11, 2015
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Someone who baps people in first-person shooter games, namely COD. Usually, a bapper uses a double-barrel shotgun (preferably akimbo) and peppers opponents.

Sometimes used in conjunction with the word “rat”. I.e. “Rat Bapper”, where rats refer to a infestation of enemy players in a concentrated area.
Player 1: Yo I think we got a rat problem in the middle area of Mayhem.

Player 2: Lucky I’m a bapper. Lesgo bap some rats.
by Thejellowfellow September 6, 2022
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