The baot-is is an norwegian ice cream which gained critical acclaim trough the norwegian meme-site Baot-is has created alot of anger and frustration on, where people not familiar with the term has discussed Baot-is and its origin. As for the taste of Baot-is, its Pure epic, and truly the nectar of the gods. We assume the Baot-is is made with divine intervention, cause no mortal would be able to make such an awesome flavour.
God: Jesus, did you eat the last Baot-is?"
Jesus: " eeeh..... no.!
God: "Srsly, thats it, GTFO, You are moving to your mother!"
Jesus: "But Josef is a major douche, I wanna live with you."
God: "I'm sorry son, I can't live with someone who eats my last Baot-is."
by Thebunkable95 December 25, 2011
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Ice cream in norway that looks like a boat and consists of vanilla ice and chocolate topping
by eg skal ha ein boat-is December 25, 2011
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"Baot-is" is a silly way of saying the norwegian word "båt-is". "Baot-is" was discovered when a more or less unknown dialect used it instead of the originial "båt-is". Båt/baot-is is an ice-cream shaped as a boat. In scandinavia there is an unofficial battle of who has the best boat-shaped icecream.
"Hey, I'm gonna buy a baot-is!"
"Sweden has much better baot-is than Norway!"
by bernieboy60 December 28, 2011
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Baot-is, or båt-is as it is actually called is an epic ice cream in Norway. It is shaped like a boat (båt is norwegian for boat, and baot is a dialect), filled with vanilla ice cream and strawberry and topped with chocolate. Pure epicness.....
Le me* walking in to le ice cream store

Le employee*:
Ka skal du ha? (Norwegian dialect for what do you want)

Le me*:
Eg skal ha ein baot-is! (I want a baot-is)

Dude, me gusta baot-is
by NorwegianViking December 25, 2011
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Norwegian type of ice cream-treat, shaped like a basket (supposed to be a boat), filled with vanilla-ice cream and strawberry-jam, covered with Chocolate.

The actual product is called "Båt-is". Spelling it in bad english is on purpose.
"Dude, I killed your family"
"You did what???"
"I killed your family"
"NO!!! But why?!?!?!?"
"They didn't have any more baot-is"
by Pringles-Pappy December 25, 2011
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"Baot-is" is a "meme"* created by norwegians 12 year olds wasting time on
"Baot-is" is directly translated to "Boat-ice" or "ice cream-boat" which is a popular ice cream in norway. baot-is as a meme can not be defined as it has no origins or any specific meaning behind it.
It's just that stupid.

*it can't really be called a meme, as everyone above the age of 12 hates it. it's not funny. AT. ALL.
"Eg vil ha ein baot-is" ("i want a boat-ice")
by The Humper of Deers December 25, 2011
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Meme laget av artige no.
Baot-is blir bare sett på som morsomt av 14 år gamle downs offere.
eg skal ha ein Boat-is hehexD har du sett sjukt kult.

by kknoqew December 26, 2011
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