(v)1) To ask someone (or a group of people) for help on a project then walk away from said project only to return upon its completion.
2) To come up with a great idea and nominate people to apply it for you.
3) Eat all the flaming hot cheetos.
4) To ask someone to run things on the beckman for you while they are trying to get todays samples and the reruns done.
1) My buddy asked to help him paint his house, the foo' up and left after the cans were open and came back when I was all done! I was so pissed he straight up Banno'ed my ass I pimp slapped him.
2)Ann "Hey Sally, sorry I can't join you for lunch today, my boss asked me to help him and then went on vacation"
Sally " Damn girl, that sucks, you got Banno'ed like a mofo"
Ann "Holla, he Banno'ing me all the time with shit like this."
3)Everyone at work hides when "Chris" leaves the office because they are afraid they will get Banno'ed and complete the whole thing.
4) You better not Banno me and eat all my damned flaming hots.
by LabMonkey September 27, 2007
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Used to describe a baron wasteland or to describe how empty something is.
by TheSumoDefiner June 19, 2014
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he is a banno among men
by ???????? June 28, 2003
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A large hairy looking male who looks like a bit like Ed Sheeran. Enjoys vomiting on the floor like a rabid dog and licking the peanut butter off his own testicles.
Dude look at that fucken Bannos over-there licking his own testicles!
by EwanGotPranked March 30, 2019
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Knocked out, unconcious, usually due to another person striking you.(A phrase used by devvo)
"One punch and you'd be wanny banno"
by Onikage October 6, 2006
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