When someone destroys you completely and you have no way to come back from it.
Conors barber made him bankrupt with that awful haircut.
by Kwamatron October 17, 2015
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A reference to something bad, bad luck or something surprising in a bad way. This term had always been associated to financial ruin in the past, but, now can be used in any situation that someone fails epic fails or experiences bad circumstance.

Said also as an expletive, This term is used as a replacement for ufck or ish. Bankrupt is the opposite of lotto.
After our first argument, I decided to make up and do something special. I stopped at the florist on my way home from work, when the shop owner asked who the flowers were for I misspelled my girlfriend's name. Bankrupt!


I log off and restart every time I see that guy online, cheating punk! Last time he got inside the ceiling and camped there the whole game. It was so bankrupt, he would shoot through the walls but you couldn't so much as touch him once he got there. People like that take all the fun out of playing.
by kainos990x June 7, 2011
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The permanent state of my finances.
My bank account in is a state of bankruptness.
by Rock DJ December 16, 2004
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A new more explosive word for "bankruptcy"

Early history
The word was established April 1st, 2007 during the creative process we call "writing a paper" while sitting next to Ashley Parish. (link here)
---> Ashley Parish
Baby Genius.

This word was created by the rock star Alexandra Comito. Type her name into your address bar. The word was also created as a means of procrastination. Every time this word is written or spoken it conveys procrastination.
If a sales associate begins to talk crazy, the customers are likely to leave and that decreases sales and then it’s a snowball effect into bankruption.
by Alexandra Comito April 2, 2007
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Two words brought together bank and corruption. Not just banks but financial institutions that have corrupted the U.S. government since the days of Ronald Reagan climaxing in taking 800 million tax dollars away from the people and giving to banks and financial institutions, while kicking those same tax payers out of their bank loaned homes.
It's all about dealing with bankruption dude.
by RobinHood93727 July 24, 2010
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A financial state of being typically experienced while playing Monopoly on a Saturday night with friends. Also known as an eruption of bankruptism to high risk areas of the world...the monopoly world at the intersection of BBQ Railroad and Vagine Avenue!!!
Dude 1 - "u landed on Boardwalk with a hotel...damn son"
Dudette 1 - "no agreement...no alliance...time for bankruption".
by Dr. Pete March 9, 2008
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