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A Bank Bitch , is the person sitting on the bank watching their friend get their as kicked!
Look at that (Bank Bitch) just sitting there while their friends gets his ads kicked!
by #whippingpost March 13, 2018
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A bank bitch is the bitch on the bank watching you whip their friends ass!!!!!
#Dam you see those bank bitchs. 'squirrly' watching chubs getting his ass whipped.
by Whippingpost May 08, 2018
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The Bitches that sit on the bank running their mouth's , while they watch you totally kick their friends ass!
"Watch them Bank Bitches run their mouth's "". Especially Squirrely!
by Whippingpost May 08, 2018
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When one guy fucks a girl in the ass, and makes the chick let you deposit your cum in her ass. And then you make sure she shits out your kids in the morning!
Joe: "Did you bang Jessica last night?"
Me: "Not only did I bang her, I did the bank bitch on that chick bro!"
Joe: "No fucking way!"
by Clark G September 08, 2013
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