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It’s used for when messing or wanting to hit someone in the nuts you would say “what’s the capital of Thailand” and then say BANG COCK and nut shot them
Me, hey what’s the capital of Thailand
Me, BANGCOCK then hit him in the nuts
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by Huntard67 September 23, 2019
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Slapping, hitting or thwapping one's manhood after asking the question "what's the capitol of Thailand?".
After correctly answering my question about the capitol city of Thailand, I gave him a "Bang Cock".
by JB January 19, 2004
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When a fellow tv viewer throws the remote to an unsuspecting couch partner who is relaxing, and intentionally hits him directly in the nuts. Usually the person with the remote asks a question referring to or containing the word Bangkok, but remote-to-balls contact must be achieved as the the word "BANGKOK" is uttered.
First time: "Have you ever been to Bang cock?" Now you have.
Second time: "Remember when you went to Bang cock?
Third time: "It's been a long time since you've been to Bang cock"
by cro-magnum January 05, 2009
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An act by which a victim is struck in the testicles after the assailant asks a question pertaining to the victim's knowledge of the city Bangkok or by which someone is struck in the testicles unprovoked and the assailant exclaims BANG COCK during the attack. In all cases the assailant will exclaim BANG COCK during the attack. Is a play on words pertaining to the capital city of Thailand which is Bangkok. Likely originated from peoples amusement with the name of the city sounding like "bang cock" and this amusement was then expressed in a physical act of throwing an object or striking, in some way, someones testicles while exclaiming the name of the city.
Bob: Hey bill do you know what the capital of Thailand is?
Bill: dude fuck you, not again..
Bob: **Strikes bill in the bag for the 3rd time** BANG COCK!!
by psyentist420 March 15, 2009
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