To have or posses banter within a band. You either have bandter or you don't.
Guy - 'Fancy having a quick blow on my instrument'
Girl - 'Good bandter'
by anordinaryguy November 03, 2011
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Banter relating from one band to another, keen among musicians who want to slate other bands without seeming dickhead'ish.

Bandter can also include using other band's song names in a sentence whilst talking about them.

Bandter can also be subtelly changing a band's name to make fun of them.
Guy A: Did you hear about the band Embrace the Tide, I think there's 'More than This' when it comes to their songs, but I guess it's 'A case of wait and see'.
Guy B: haaaaa, that's their song names.
Guy A: It's just BANDTER!

Guy A: Did you hear about that band 'Embrace the Chode'
Guy B: haaaa, their name is really 'Embrace the Tide'
Guy A: It's just BANDTER!

Embrace the Tide is an Example band and is not intentionally real.
by TomABYSS February 26, 2012
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