1. somewhat hot, humid, warm
2. put down to someone pissing you off.
1. Man, the weather is balmy in South Carolina year round.
2. What did you say bitch? Why don't you balmy then.
by UnconciousObserver September 15, 2003
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I would feel your tiger's balmy skin, but I am its mouth right now.
by VoltyShock September 13, 2016
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A sexual position; name originates from Tiger Balm, (similar to ICY HOT) a combination of hot and cold to soothe muscle aches. When a male smears the cream on his sexual organ as a lubricant to have intercorse with another individual either vaginally, or anally. The cream is very painful when on or around the sexual organ, so attempt with caution.

(tiger balm is not intended to be used as a sexual lubricant for intercorse and the results of such are undetermined.)
"Hey bro, I had sexually intercorse with my girlfriend last night. we tried the 'Balmy Tiger'."

"I want to 'Balmy Tiger' that hot chick"

"I 'Balmy Tiger'd' that girl over there last weekend"
by eye_dew_wurk July 14, 2009
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A word thats very fun to say. Eventually it loses its meaning after a few rounds.
Jennifer: Man, it sure is balmy out today
Megan: Balmy Dilemma
Jennifer: Balmy Dilemma, Balmy Dilemma, Balmy Dilemma!
Megan: Balmy Dilemma!!!!!!!!! Balmy Dilemma!!!!!!! Balmy Dilemma Balmy Dilemma Balmy Dilemma
Jennifer: Shit, what were we saying again?
by Meganxx December 21, 2008
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1.Damn bro I’m going balmy mode
2.damn I confused, he must have yelled balmy mode
by Thatboy218 December 16, 2020
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