A rounded portable object that can come in a large variety of sizes, textures, firmness, bounciness, etc. Hard balls include bowling balls, handballs, cricket balls, and basketballs. Soft balls include stress balls, rubber balls, foam balls. There can be decorations on the balls, such as the grooves of a basketball or the pentagonal black-and-white pattern on a soccer ball. Balls are usually used when playing a certain type of sport, for fitness/weightlifting, or for yoga. They can even be fun to play with! You can play w/ balls with a friend, a group of friends, or by yourself. Sometimes balls give you concussions if they hit you on the head, so make sure to not throw a heavy or hard ball and to avoid and unfriend anyone who throws one! Balls can even be used by animals, such as dogs. Ever heard of the game fetch? It's when an owner of a dog throws a ball into a distance, and the dog attempts to run towards it and retrieve it, and thus the game repeats itself. It's quite fun actually, but it's sad when you don't have any dogs to play the game with, like me. Hence you could try playing fetch with your friend or younger brother; I assure you, you will have a spectacular time!

PS. If you ever are lucky enough to possess a ball, make sure to take good care of it. Wash and groom it every day, play with it with special care, and most importantly: do not let it fall into a bush or into a ditch! I recommend you to label your ball and put it somewhere safe, eg your pocket or bag.
A: Hey! I brought a ball to school today!
B: Omigod!!! Can we play??
A: Yeah, let's play fetch- you can be the dog and I can be the owner !!
B: Fun!
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by The quanman November 04, 2019
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(cir. 1969) Consenual sexual intercourse
( cir. 1969) "...baby do you want to ball? If you don't baby, your sister Lucillet said she would...."
by finger1 February 16, 2017
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Balls are where pee is stored
Dude I just had the greatest piss, now my balls are drained
by Gynosaurus May 08, 2020
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Ball is used when you’re in a street game of basketball and you’re to pussy to handle multiple niggas on you so then you hug the ball and yell out “BALL” and all the niggas let you have your space
Mikey: *passes the ball*

Greg: *receives it and sees opponents coming after him*
Greg: “BALL!”

Opponents: “look at this pussy ass ho”
by Youugly November 29, 2019
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