A haphazard jumble of related issues or items brought together all at once, in the manner of rolling around a sticky ball of wax to collect small bits of assorted debris
"We only wanted a plane ticket, but the travel agent wanted to sell us the whole ball of wax."
by Betsy Tea August 09, 2012
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An unspecified set of items or circumstances.
The whole ball of wax.
by Gustavo Caetano January 03, 2006
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to be throughly beaten in competition
daang that dood jus got his balls waxed hoopin taday...yea bet they was like acorns after that game..
by James Wallace July 23, 2006
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a thick smelly waxy layer of sweat a man gets on his scrotum when he doesnt shower for a certain period of time
ugh i have a bad case of ball wax after that shower strike
by evilreeese February 28, 2010
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Originally from Brazil but has recently been adopted into the American Culture. It is a form of ball waxage for males where hot waxed is placed on the balls, and ripped off leaving a lucious thin strip of hair on each testicle.
Ohh girfriend, my main squeeze has just gotton a braz balls wax that is out of this world. Ohhh it was like soft honey thwacking against my thighs. ummmm sexy


Hey your testicles are looking rather furesque. May I administer a braz ball wax to remove some of that fur.
by Hot Flava Maiden Paul March 08, 2005
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A situation where a man don’t shower for a long time and be havin’ mold shit buildinup under they Ball Sack that feel like Ear Wax.
I haven’t groomed my junk in so long it’s growin’ Ball Sack Ear Wax.
by TheRealCrackBoots November 17, 2019
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