A Balder is a group of people with small penises and much confidence.
The people at our school balders.
by RobloxGamer69 December 7, 2021
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Where there's a party there's balder. Balder is the definition of a good night out even though your friends have passed out in a ditch.
Ayo, wanna go on some balder tonight?
by sheikob June 6, 2021
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He had cancer but that don’t matter because he is gay and cool
Balder is a amazing friend
by Balderanus48 July 2, 2019
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A proper Robert James Moore condition. Someone who is losing his hair at an alarming rate. Most specifically regarding hair loss around the crown of one's head.
Robert James Moore needs to find a wife before his balder gets the better of him.
by iwouldhavethoughtso October 1, 2010
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To be "Baldered" or "Balderized" often referred to when being saddled with something useless and detrimental to the job at hand. It refers back to the traditional old English punishment wherein a person was forced to perfom their daily work whilst having the village idiot supported on their back. The idiot was called a "Baldery" and it would hinder and generally talk nonsense to the "Baldered" person for the entire punishment.
Oh my god this idiot is Baldering the hell out of me!

I am so Baldered.
by EvilMonkey666 November 6, 2010
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A high quality razor for the female genitalia.
I've never been as smooth since using that fanny balder with a drop of clungeditioner.
by Way-Way February 2, 2023
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Balder is a baldibitch
by NigahigaDVD November 14, 2018
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