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n. In Baltimoron, this is the "home city" of Baltimore. While this is the usual spelling for the word, a more correctly phonetic spelling would be "Bawlamer." (Those of you in the Mid-West might pronounce the first "a" as a short a, and that would be incorrect.) Baltimore is frequently shortened further to "Balmer." Again, this is the accepted spelling, but a more correctly phonetic spelling would be "Bawlmer."
"Doen'cha knoe, I'm from Balamer,
'n' crabs is whut I'm eechin' feur!
Doen'cha knoe, Santa dear,
With sum cold crabs 'nd a beer,
It would be jus like a trip back to old Bal-tee-more,
-- David DeBoy, 'Crabs For Christmas'
by Dan Weyandt April 09, 2008
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