Balam is the type of guy who is funny and can make you laugh he is a guy who is very stupid and sarcastic when answering questions when he gets called he likes to play video games. Balam will always be at your side to make you smile and keep secrets. He will stand up for you and some times talk back. He can be serious about some things that he cares about. He can be very confusing. He is sneaky. And is a troublemaker. He will stare at you and look away when you look up when he likes you.
Balam : jaguar
by Heyyyyyyitsmeeeeee July 17, 2018
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n. In Baltimoron, this is the "home city" of Baltimore. While this is the usual spelling for the word, a more correctly phonetic spelling would be "Bawlamer." (Those of you in the Mid-West might pronounce the first "a" as a short a, and that would be incorrect.) Baltimore is frequently shortened further to "Balmer." Again, this is the accepted spelling, but a more correctly phonetic spelling would be "Bawlmer."
"Doen'cha knoe, I'm from Balamer,
'n' crabs is whut I'm eechin' feur!
Doen'cha knoe, Santa dear,
With sum cold crabs 'nd a beer,
It would be jus like a trip back to old Bal-tee-more,
-- David DeBoy, 'Crabs For Christmas'
by Dan Weyandt April 9, 2008
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Balam is one of the kindest, most intuitive man you’ll be lucky enough to come across. He is elusive and very private, so if you do happen to cross paths you are extremely fortunate. He’s quiet but strong, driven but humble, and will make every day you spend with him one of the best you’ve had. He’s incredibly smart, giving and hilarious, but you won’t see any of that until you prove to him you’re deserve to. He’s not here for drama because he is so level headed and busy—he doesn’t have time for it! You’ll always feel protected and cared for with a Balam in your life. Most importantly, you’ll feel respected and seen, and he inspires you to be the best version of yourself. Hold on to him if you find him!
“That Balam can really make those women melt!”
by Bitchkittenz November 24, 2021
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