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Bengali slang for pubic hairs. Also used to call very close friends. Most common word among buddies.
Ke re bal, kamon achis?? means: How r u dude??
Tui amar bal. means: U r like my pubic hairs.
Balershwar-bal, horidash pal. means: U geek, don't act oversmart.
My bal is far better than u...
by poopnyohat October 04, 2005
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When something is ultra shit, usually associated with shitting on the floor or pissing in the taxi.

Bally can also be used as an alternative
Oh mate, I can't believe you gotta go to work that early! That's Bal
by King Jong Myee October 03, 2017
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Bal ; pronounced, like Al, yet with the b in front. Originated in the small hamlet of Edmonton, Alberta.Bal is a term that can be used to substitute any word in any sentence, or language. it is also used as a ploy to catch weary idiots off guard, by saying it randomly in a sentence or just a single word, bal is very useful to cause a common laughter, or confusion.
pron; "b-ha-l".
yo just twist my bal?
why you gotta throw your bal into this situation.
today i grabbed the biggest bal.
by drcoolxxx July 11, 2010
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"Big Ass Laugh". THE replacement for the much over-used "LOL", spelt BAL. Used when something is so eye-wateringly funny you must laugh on a different level to anything else ever achieved by a "LOL".
"BAL, that is way too funny!", "I am so BALing (Big Ass Laughing) right now!", "That car totally just hit that old man, BAL!", "Did he just eat that moth?! BAL!"
by B4NTER September 19, 2011
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