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verb To lose the interest and understanding of others by using words they consider "too big" or "hard" or by writing things they consider "too long". Oversmarting editors is frighteningly easy. To avoid oversmarting editors, or other groups with limited education levels and short attention spans, do not use the best word to describe your idea, but rather use the word that is closest to what you mean that is also most likely for the average 12 year old to understand. As an example, "symptoms should manifest", but if you want to be understood by an average urbandictionary editor, you better write "the things that show something is wrong with you will show up".
Rachel's submission of dingphobia was rejected by, likely because she accidentally oversmarted the editors by using words like manifest and anxiety, instead of easier words like begin and fear. She's going to resubmit with simpler words and see what happens.
by Topper 7770 July 11, 2011
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