"Big Ass Laugh". THE replacement for the much over-used "LOL", spelt BAL. Used when something is so eye-wateringly funny you must laugh on a different level to anything else ever achieved by a "LOL".
"BAL, that is way too funny!", "I am so BALing (Big Ass Laughing) right now!", "That car totally just hit that old man, BAL!", "Did he just eat that moth?! BAL!"
by B4NTER September 19, 2011
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Blood Alcohol Level. Same as BAC
0.8 is the highest BAL allowable while operating a vehicle.
by BigEZ December 02, 2004
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From the electronic world of instant messaging. It is short for "bad-at-life." Someone with poor inter-personal skills who is also extremely annoying, but thinks they are "all that."
Yo, she's just b-a-l.
by ChaMonkee March 25, 2005
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a good-looking girl, opposite of beau. If they are incredibly hot they are known as extreme bal.
"BAL!!!!" (shouted at a fit bird or a group of them)
by Philly McVeigh January 14, 2006
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to blow a load!! in other words explode cum in a girls mouth or upon her poor face as she gags and moves on to the next guy. Bal= funniest fucking word ever!
by Faii December 05, 2008
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Abbreviation of Bark A Laugh. The act of letting out one loud laugh in response to something funny you see or hear. Usually used on social networking sites and internet chats.
Leon: "Dude did you hear James got jocked on front of everyone at school today?"

Jesse: "BAL! that's so funny."
by Ssuzzy December 01, 2011
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Bal or Baal is th mostly used Bengali word nowadays. It has a lot of meanings and expressions depend on the context. Most of the cases it defines as a matter of annoying or disliked things. It's a Bengali slang word used by every class of people in Bangladesh.
-Dhur bal! bugger of me.
-Bal er Jinish! I don't like it
-Tui ekta bal! You are worthy for nothing.
by Armaaaaaaan May 07, 2018
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