a very homosexual act, rumored to last upwards of 3 years. see baked potato
adam likes the baked potato
by Wally Zerbuiac August 6, 2005
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Used to refer to a situation that is cool, fun, or otherwise indescribable. Saying, "That is the baked potato with chives (or other baked potato toppings" declares the situation to be even cooler. The ultimate cool situation gets "the loaded baked potato"
"This party is going to be the baked potato!"

"That concert was the baked potato with chives!"

"Woo! That movie was the loaded baked potato!"

by SquirrellyFerret October 1, 2006
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The act of defecating onto a piece of aluminum foil that has been placed over a sexual partner's face for the purpose of the receiver becoming aroused by the heat produced by the bowel movement. Similar to a "Hot Carl", but using a piece of aluminum foil rather than saran-wrap to produce a more intense heat effect due to the higher conductivity of the aluminum foil.
John bought a roll of aluminum foil so he could give his lady one hot baked potato.
by BigSlick March 12, 2008
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where you put sour cream cheese and bacon bits in a chicks vag and eat her out
lori had a food fetish so i gave her a baked potatoe
by frenchwhore699669 December 31, 2010
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That's where you lube a raw, uncooked, potato in a vat of butter then bake or microwave till steaming hot for the desired effect then shove it in your lover's asshole for 35 minutes. Then while fucking them in the ass you must yell I'm adding the bacon. Then you pullout and remove the potato, cum on it and force them to eat it and then ask them how is the sour cream.
I was asked to bring potato salad to the family picnic so I brought a batch of Alabama baked potatoes that I made with my wife.
by Jonnyblaze1956 October 16, 2018
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Hooking up with an extremely inebriated chick and fucking her brains out until she barfs, then cumming on top of the barf pile.
I met this chick at the bar last night and it turned in to a Loaded Baked Potato.
by THAT GUY NUMBER 2 June 8, 2009
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The act of lining a woman's mouth with aluminum foil, and proceeding to take a huge shit in the foil.
Cynthia immensely enjoyed last night's cleveland baked potato as a midnight snack.
by Bothee August 21, 2006
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