Baka Prase is a retarded Serbian YouTuber/musician, he makes videos roasting and bullying kids and flexing his wealth.
He has an autistic army of children who follow him, these brainwashed children (aged 7-13) who buy his merch and watch his videos, giving him more money to buy a new Porsche or perhaps a G-Class are called "Institucija"
Si čuo novu Baka Prase pesmu?
No, you fucking retard, please get out of my sight.
by sxrimp May 1, 2020
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Baka Prase is meaning for Cringe YouTuber with Cringe army named InStIKuRcInA.
Person 1: Hey do you watch Baka Prase

Instikurcina: Yes i watch him
Person 1: Takes gun and kill Instikurcina
by Krindzologicar May 24, 2020
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Baka Prase is Serbian youtuber who lived in Belgrade ,he moved out when girl ( Kika) who was also youtuber killed herself,he could not withstand the pressure so he moved to Amsterdam,after that his girlfriend dumped him bcs of some specific reasons. The most sad part about this is that people didn't even like Kika (the girl who killed herself ) they are just stupid kids on internet that make morbid trends on App called "Tiktok" they make really cringe edits like Baka Prase is to blame but its not really like that.
Cringe Kika Fake Fan: I f*** your mother Baka Prase my favorite youtuber killed herself bcs of you
Person 2 : Bruh you didn't even watch Kika your fake fan and you are stupid 11 who use tiktok
by Haskku January 22, 2022
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Baka prase is a serbian youtuber that is famous for his acts he was in the news 100 times but not for good thing's. He is a leader of institucija(his followers) institucija is mostly made of fatherless kids that are not well behaved and are gaseri anged from 9 to max 12. Baka prase is recently known beacouse of conections with a $uicide of a young serbian youtuber named kika or how he called her kita. A lot of people say taht he is wrong for the $uicide but he is not they at the end of the drama became friends. Baka prase is also know to be the biggest youtuber in the balkan youtube comunity reaching now almost 2milion subscribers . He gained his folowers by making flexing videos and making a lot of dramas and making videos of him slapping his girlfriends ass and lot of seducing and kind of explicit videos. He is no loneg living in belgrade srebia he moved to amsterdam and slod his ferrari to buy an apartment now he will only drive his lamborgini urus and 2 porchs how sad
Gaser: ide gas bato si video sto je baka postovao novo ono bračo

Normal dude: ti si glup majke mi moje tko jos gleda lika koj se zove Baka prase
by Lil_tincek January 4, 2022
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