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Lil tinček is a very popular croatian streamer bloger and more. He has a language barrier so he cant say some letters. He likes brača kret. His fans have a group called tinčekova mladež and he is very popular amongst kids aged 13- 20. He is also a legend and very much loved by his fans
Ls_big shot:yoo dude did you saw what 'Lil tinček' did
Fedex worker:yes lil tinček is a living legend i love him( no homo)
by Lil_tincek January 4, 2022
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Baka prase is a serbian youtuber that is famous for his acts he was in the news 100 times but not for good thing's. He is a leader of institucija(his followers) institucija is mostly made of fatherless kids that are not well behaved and are gaseri anged from 9 to max 12. Baka prase is recently known beacouse of conections with a $uicide of a young serbian youtuber named kika or how he called her kita. A lot of people say taht he is wrong for the $uicide but he is not they at the end of the drama became friends. Baka prase is also know to be the biggest youtuber in the balkan youtube comunity reaching now almost 2milion subscribers . He gained his folowers by making flexing videos and making a lot of dramas and making videos of him slapping his girlfriends ass and lot of seducing and kind of explicit videos. He is no loneg living in belgrade srebia he moved to amsterdam and slod his ferrari to buy an apartment now he will only drive his lamborgini urus and 2 porchs how sad
Gaser: ide gas bato si video sto je baka postovao novo ono bračo

Normal dude: ti si glup majke mi moje tko jos gleda lika koj se zove Baka prase
by Lil_tincek January 4, 2022
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