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A deliberate mistyping of lol, with which it shares a similar level of disingenuousness and lack-of-actual-audible-mirth. Users of lol attempt to pretend they are laughing out loud when they don't give a shit. Users of koj i) aren't laughing, ii) don't give a shit, iii) are letting you know about (i) and (ii) in three quick-to-type letters.
<dave> "Doctor, doctor! I've got a lettuce sticking out of my arse. Is this a serious ailment?"
<dave> (doctor) "I'm afraid that's only the tip of the iceberg."
<geffid> koj
by edbot December 12, 2008
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a.k.a. The Asian Archer. A member of neoseeker. Big Final Fantasy fan and play Maplestory. His main character is on Broa and is a bowman. The other members of neoseeker see him as a unique kind of person and all-around awesome guy. All the ladies love Koj and they always will. His favorite color is said to be green.
<Woman 1> Yo girl, I'm bored. What you wanna do?
<Woman 2> Let's go get some Koj, honey.
<Woman 1> Good idea!
by Kavender August 24, 2009
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Ko-J is a term of endurance and affection for a sweet , gentle, caring, person of the male persuasion. He can be a ladies man, a gentleman, a sweet fun loving preppy

The root comes from the Navajo name meaning "Friend to ALL!"
Girl, Lets go find us a Ko-J !
by Sharon Secrets1 November 20, 2010
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