A deliberate mistyping of lol, with which it shares a similar level of disingenuousness and lack-of-actual-audible-mirth. Users of lol attempt to pretend they are laughing out loud when they don't give a shit. Users of koj i) aren't laughing, ii) don't give a shit, iii) are letting you know about (i) and (ii) in three quick-to-type letters.
<dave> "Doctor, doctor! I've got a lettuce sticking out of my arse. Is this a serious ailment?"
<dave> (doctor) "I'm afraid that's only the tip of the iceberg."
<geffid> koj
by edbot December 12, 2008
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a.k.a. The Asian Archer. A member of neoseeker. Big Final Fantasy fan and play Maplestory. His main character is on Broa and is a bowman. The other members of neoseeker see him as a unique kind of person and all-around awesome guy. All the ladies love Koj and they always will. His favorite color is said to be green.
<Woman 1> Yo girl, I'm bored. What you wanna do?
<Woman 2> Let's go get some Koj, honey.
<Woman 1> Good idea!
by Kavender August 25, 2009
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One who eats like theres no tommoroww. Watching him eat is like turning on a garbage disposal. Is constantly glued to the TV, Video Games or the Computer. He gets off on Snopp Dog's Girls Gone Wild but not from the girls, from Snopp. A person that is also very un-reliable and shady. Making plans with him is like trusting Benodict Arnold.
You order 2 Large Pizza's and a double order of wings for 4 guys. He eats 8 slices, 10 wings and still pays the same $7 everyone else pays. Or you ask him to play hockey and he says "I gotta cut the lawn at Grama's." But then you drive by his house and he's whacking it to Crank Yankers.
by Gambo384 April 28, 2003
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Is A Famous Hmong Love Song Written & Composed By Lis Pov, Around The 1960's-1970's.
Most People Know This Song As "Ntuj No Tuaj Lawm," But The Actual Title Is "Koj Nyob Qhov Twg."
Damn, That Song "Koj Nyob Qhov Twg," Never Gets Old.
by HmgKidd October 24, 2009
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