Kika is the best in every thing and she’s beautiful, smart and makes everyone’s life better by just being herself.
by Eeeeewwwwwwww May 31, 2018
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She’s just a moderately cool chick. she like to skate, have a good time with the homies. She may seem like a badass and cold hearted but she has a sensitive side too, she craves love too.
Bro you see Kika at the skate park ? yeah she’s so fucking cool
by tfismyhandle February 22, 2019
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A girl who is sweet, caring, and VERY SENSITIVE. If someone talks behind her back she'll pretend like she wont care then go cry in there school bathroom....

If your friends with a kika your very lucky! Yes she can get in fights with her friends for stupid reasons but that what a kika will do. Eventually she'll realize she has no one and hate her self for making problems with her friends
Kikas are a keeper!!
Dude isnt kika that guys girl?
Yeah Angel's girl dude shes hot!
by Slayyyyyyyy trust December 2, 2018
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Kika is the girl who cares about what people think about her. And when she’s in a mood don’t mess with her. She causes pain to others to cope with her sadness and can’t hide her feelings. She is funny and doesn’t have many friends and is only close to a few of them
Omg did you hear about the kika girl she just played Juan for fun
by Creedycrosits March 25, 2019
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Super thicc and always makes everyone happy when she’s there super kind and never lets you down.
Wow you have a kika friend!
by The Gayer G.P February 22, 2019
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Kika is by far the most beautiful person you will ever meet, her beauty is beyond this world. She haves the best sense of humor and can make you happy in the worst moments, she is also the smartest person you can meet , being with here is the best thing that can happen to you. When she loves someone can give her life for that person.

She is the best partner you will ever find, the best lover and sexiest partner, so you better never let her go... Here love and passion can't be find two times in this life.

When ever she see some one having a bad time will take care and help no matter if she doesn't even know that person.
The best person in this world is Kika
by Anchovitz November 24, 2021
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