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To be lured into a situation which exposes a person for something they may have wanted to keep hidden or never knew about themselves. Or just a word used by edgy, dumbass teens whenever someone corrects them. Send them the definition of "Baited" so that they may be educated and don't make themselves look like shitheads again.
Person Number Juan: Ez game ez lyfe
Person Number Too: It's spelled as, "Life". :D
Person Number Juan: u got baited m8 lmao
Person Number Too: It was a fucking joke dipshit, you even know what baited means
Person Number Juan: u keep gettin baited fag
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by ChronicClub August 14, 2016
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To get trolled (v.) ; to be made salty

(Past Tense) Making a controversial statement in order to invoke a rant, with the intention of producing salt
Example 1: (upset internet warrior starts ranting indignantly)
Internet Troll: "GET BAITED SCRUB!"
by saltberg August 17, 2016
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to be completely sold out, or given away, in terms of hiding ones state of affairs, directly relating to smoking certain substances, or drinking certain drinks.
Bill: Guy you look kind of funny, have you been doing something?
George: Guy soo baited, teacher's right there mann.
by Dan Hnatiw May 13, 2004
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