To intentionally post a status message on a social network (facebook or myspace) that contains an inside joke, quote, song lyric, etc. that you know a certain person you are interested in is aware of/likes. This supposedly causes said person to become more interested in you.
Stalker: I see that Susie is on! I know she likes the Beatles, so I'll just bait and tackle her with lyrics from Twist and Shout. That'll make her like me a whole lot more!
by lolcats101 July 25, 2009
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Back in the Sailing days of Columbus..the men would get "lonely" So when they hit the beach they would collect worms in a jar..when back on the high seas and the URGE hit them they would insert the penis into the jar of worms, which would feel similar to their lady back home, and also would be FEEDING the worms at the same time!
Well Lady Victoria is not around, I better retire to my cabin for some BAIT N TACKLE!!
by Momma Mia March 21, 2004
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When you vomit or "bait" onto a womans vagina or normaly ass and then fuck her, it creates a good lube for fucking and also you have something to snack on whilst enjoying a nice rim job.
Sarah was dry as a fuck so i gave her a good "bait and tackle"
by chikboom June 30, 2009
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