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I almost fell on my face after trying to stand up from the porcelain god. I read for half an hour after pinching off a hot loaf and my legs were so numb I couldn't stand up. The RDS was so bad i had to use the cripple bar in the crapper just to pull my shorts up.
by Douglasazo January 12, 2006
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(n) - The tingly, prickly, and sometimes debilitating feeling in the legs after a long toilet session. Most commonly resulting from sitting there too long to finish a column or story in the bathroom companion. Originally resulting from its namesake magazine, Reader's Digest Syndrome or RDS can result from any lengthy toilet/reading session of any material.
I took the magazine to the crapper so I could read a quick article while I drop the kids off at the pool. I ended up reading a 5 page article about some dude falling off a cliff even though I was blessed with a one wipe wonder. I tried to stand up but I had a serious case of RDS (Reader's Digest Syndrome) and my legs gave out. I ended up blacking out when I hit my head on the toilet. The janitor found me 2 hours later with pants around my ankles. I think he took my magazine...
by Douglasazo January 12, 2006
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creech (noun) combination between creep and mooch. The creech is the person who always invites themself to whatever you are doing. The guy who always ends up showing up even though no one invites him. baggage or dead weight This is also the same guy who comes over uninvited and eats all of your food or orders food for everyone at a restaurant and then shorts on the bill.

works as an adjective too.
How does that creech Jason always seem to show up when we get together? Who invited him?


Look at Matt following those girls like a creechy stray dog. They won't even look him in the eye. He's got a snowball's chance in hell.
by Douglasazo December 6, 2005
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1) what someone with kids, debt or other problems brings to a relationship.

2)the person that is always dead weight or a creech in a group of friends. The guy that always seems to find out when you are getting together even though no one invites him.
1) Jack is looking for baggage in a relationship...kids, drugs, debt, and separated but not quite divorced yet.

2) That creech Steve always shows up when no expects it. Who the hell invited him? I thought we said that no one was going to talk to that dick.
by Douglasazo December 6, 2005
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