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Short for bagels. Its what you call your favorite type of bagel.
Man I love these bages...
Nothin but bages.
Bages n' Butter.
Best Bages.
by sorryboutit November 26, 2010
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Slang term for the entryway to the female's reproductive organs. Vagina. A skanky girl or woman. Smelly crotch.
"This bicycle seat totally smells like bage!"

"She smells like a shrimping boat, what a dirty Bage."
by DiDYourMoM September 02, 2007
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(pronunciation: baēg) An abbreviation of bagel, established in late 2018. Originally thought to be a typographical error via text message, it was later proclaimed by unanimous vote as the correct term for the bread product originating in the Jewish communities of Poland.
Update on the was good af. I had a glass of chocolate milk to wash it down.
by cricketpants December 21, 2018
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Bage is a Ciggerette, this is used infront of people who you can't tell them about you smoking
Come out for a bage? Lets Bage Up! Have you got any bages?
by Nevo D July 28, 2004
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