A white cat that is at least eighteen years of age and has high heels as feet. The best kind of cat.
"who is that awesome cat?"
"Oh, that is bagee, aka Mr. High heels."
"oh, he is magical!!"
by ctdooku December 29, 2007
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Short for bagels. Its what you call your favorite type of bagel.
Man I love these bages...
Nothin but bages.
Bages n' Butter.
Best Bages.
by sorryboutit November 26, 2010
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Slang term for the entryway to the female's reproductive organs. Vagina. A skanky girl or woman. Smelly crotch.
"This bicycle seat totally smells like bage!"

"She smells like a shrimping boat, what a dirty Bage."
by DiDYourMoM September 02, 2007
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a fat, greasy male with a 10 cm penis.
My ex-boyfriend was a bagey piece of dogshit.
by Kottonmouth King December 29, 2004
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When you have nothing else to say you go BAGEE!
'You've been cheatin' on me with the milkman!' 'Uhh bagee?' -runs off-
by Mookie/Silv/Eugend February 06, 2005
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