Bagas is a very kind person to others. He is usually good at math and he is usually very smart
I saw Bagas
by Indonesian123 April 8, 2019
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Bagas is someone you wish to marry in the future, he is not only a great men, but is also friendly and understanding. He would accompany you in your lonely days, he is the type of guy who would take care of you.

But remember to never betray him as he wouldn't trust you anymore, even if he shows you that trust - it's not going to be 100%.

That's why if you meet a Bagas, make sure to take care of him and love him before it's too late.
Men, I love Bagas

He's such a gentleman, I wonder if his name is Bagas
by araksagab November 22, 2021
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The darkest shade of black. Good at piano.
by postymaloney September 24, 2020
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- A foolish or stupid person
- Slow to learn or understand; obtuse.
- Tending to make poor decisions or careless mistakes
- Marked by a lack of intelligence or care; foolish or careless
- Synonym for our nations current president
- See idiot
- Also may be used to end any sentence.
"George Bush is a baga."

"How's it going today, baga?"

"You baga, that's not my leg."

"Hello Professor, here is my research paper on the Theory of Relativity... baga."
by futurextrunks April 7, 2004
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it is from japanese language "BAGA (Which means fool)"
if there is someone just realised who made a mistake,can say like- "baga!"

by mazikbox April 19, 2007
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It's originally came from mistyping the word baha in a chat conversation with Wendy (aka webweb). Jommi associated this word with a happy emoticon which is now infamously known.

The goal is to replace the overuse of the term "lol"

one more thing, its not a perverted face or does not a reminder of saggy things!!!
ex 1:"hayy girl haay! BAGA!!!"

ex 2:
by jommi November 27, 2008
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